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Hollywood Celebrities Who Live the Vape Life

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo was famously snapped with a cigarette while cycling and from a distance, the little device fooled many people into thinking he was smoking the real thing. He was actually using a e-cigarette and he`s been photographed several times since with it.


He was actually using a e-cigarette and he`s been photographed several times since with it.

Leonardo is now a vaper of ecigarettes

Johnny Depp

This major Hollywood star was seen with an e-cigarette in his latest film, `The Tourist`, where his character demonstrates how it`s actually an electronic device instead of burning tobacco. Johnny Depp is actually a longtime smoker of regular cigarettes, but it`s not known yet whether he`ll choose to switch to the `e` variety after trying them out on set.

Johnny depp vaping Johnny Depp vaping in The Tourist.


Charlie Sheen

The ex-star of Two and a Half Men recently took to the road on his Violent Torpedo of Truth tour, and as he faced fines if he was caught lighting up in many of his venues, he took to e-cigarettes as a natural solution. He`s now promoting his own brand, called Nicosheen.


Charlie Sheen uses ecigarettes Charlie Sheen with a cigarette in hand.

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl is the star of the romcom ‘Life As We Know It’ and she was one of the first celebrities to demonstrate her e-cigarette – on the David Letterman Show, no less. She convinced David to try a puff, and says that it`s helping her to quit smoking for real.

Katherine Heigl e-cig Heigl caught xvaping after vaping on the Letterman show.

David Letterman gives vaping a go Letterman also had a puff!


Phil, Josh and Jake Harris

Josh, Jake and their father, Phil Harris, are famous for the Discovery show called The Deadliest Catch. Phil died in 2010 from a stroke brought on by his heavy smoking habit. Josh has begun promoting e-cigarettes in order to kick his own habit and help others with the same problem that ultimately killed his dad.

Phil Harris Image by TNWanderer

Kate Moss

This supermodel is no stranger to vice, but it seems that she may be taking a more healthy approach to life since she was snapped with an e-cigarette last year.

Kate Moss Kate Moss – sadly without her trusty e-cig in this pic. Image by New York

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest Image by JeorgeEQ82

Best known for his nationally syndicated radio show, E! News, and American Idol, Ryan Seacrest is known to be a recent e-cigarette convert after he was spotted with one at Paris Hilton’s Halloween party.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson the vampire vaper Vampire vaper…. Image by Nanyhoft

Robert Pattinson is, of course, best known for playing the vampire Edward Cullen in the hit movie series Twilight. He has previously been seen smoking traditional cigarettes, but was spotted with an e-cigarette on the set of his new movie Cosmopolis.

Nikki Reed

Nicky Nicky Reed by Shankbone

Nikki Reed is another Twilight star who uses e-cigarettes and was spotted vaping with her co-stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner in Vancouver in 2009.

Tom Petty

Tom Petty now uses ecigs Tom Petty by Bandfan

At 60 years old, Tom Petty has been a singer and songwriter since 1976 and has an incredible five best-selling platinum albums under his belt. In an interview in Parade magazine (page since removed) last year, he talked about getting a little more health-conscious – and how he`s chosen to make use of e-cigarettes instead of the more harmful analogues.


We`re a bit short of British celebs who vape – if you know of any vaping British stars please leave a note in the comments!

June Brown – who plays Dot Cotton in East Enders.

Dot Cotton was introduced to e-cigarette on East Enders, but June also uses them in real life – although only when she can`t use her tobacco cigarettes!

Dot Cotton the dual vaper Dot Cotton: image by Gary Knight.

Chris Moyles

Rumours abound that Chris Moyles, the Radio 1 DH, has been spotted in London with an electronic cigarette. We are still looking for hard evidence – let us know in the comments if you come across any!

Chris Moyles rumoured to use ecigs

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