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Vape Battery Safety Awareness- by Indian Vape Garage

Battery Safety Awareness– by Indian Vape GarageVape Battery Safety Awareness- by Indian Vape Garage

Buy vaporizer online, using it for years without replacing battery can be dangerous to user and vaporizer starter kit. Battery is a heart of vaporizers and E-cigarettes. In case of comparison, the vaporizer battery works almost same as smartphone battery. Also like the smartphone, some vaporizer batteries are non-removable and some can be replaced and removed whenever you want. Battery is generally round in shape like the pipe as follows. You can buy Samsung vaporizer battery on IndanVapeGarage.

We must take care of batteries regarding safety and be handling it properly while using vaporizer with E liquid India. Now a days many vaporizers are having two or three batteries for long lasting and powerful performance.

Battery should be replaced time to time-

A regular Vape India user should replace batteries every 6 months according to Indian use and handling by Indian Vape Garage. Replacing battery improves E-cigarette performance and life. Replacing battery costs around 900 to 1200INR. Do not use duplicate batteries. This can cause blast while vaping the device. Also, user strictly must not try to use vaporizer while connecting to the charging point. This may cause blast or have chances of current passing through users body. Devices with 2-3 batteries should replace all the batteries at a time. Even when 2 out 3 batteries are good in condition. Following this improves vaporizer battery performance and gives more power to the e-cigarette.

Use pouch for separate batteries

Spare batteries are generally handled without care by vape gangs. Also, we generally carry extra fully charged batteries along with us in normal handbags or sacks. That might be dangerous for some kinds. There is separate pouch available to carry batteries. You must use them for proper safety and security.

Do not overcharge the Device/ battery-

Same as mobile do not overcharge the e cigarette and vaporizer battery. It may cause the failure of battery and Vaporizer starter kit performance as well. You can buy mods India at vape cart which has battery related safety features to avoid battery-related problems.

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